Daum PotPlayer 2018 Download

Daum PotPlayer 2018 Download

Daum PotPlayer 2018

Daum PotPlayer 2018 Download – Free Download Daum PotPlayer 2018 latest version offline installer for windows 32 bit as well as 64 bi. Daum PotPlayer is an innovative sound&& video player that is overflowing with features for in-depth control of their recreation. From thorough personalization of the player itself with numerous skins, this multimedia app makes it possible for everyone to become part of the world of movies as well as songs. It includes integrated collection of all one of the most popular codecs, so you do not also have to set up difficult Third event codec packs. Furthermore, Daum PotPlayer 2018 could collaborate with wide variety of video clip gadgets (* electronic cameras, DVD gamers, electronic recorders, analogue and electronic TELEVISION), incredible quantity of modification of its tools and attributes (video clip color, subtitle, playback setups, audio, and a lot more).

Daum PotPlayer 2018 DownloadDaum PotPlayer 2018 Download

Daum PotPlayer 2018 Review

Daum PotPlayer is a very remarkable free media player for Windows. It can play nearly all media documents without calling for additional codecs yet supports OpenCodecs and also can mount extra codec loads automatically. It’s easy to use yet rivals complex open-source jobs in attributes and also alternatives.


  • Setup alternatives: PotPlayer’s installer tree sight makes it easy to pick options like Data Associations, Visualizations, Shortcuts, and also Subtitle Formats. We can additionally set up codec packs throughout configuration.
  • Great looking: There’s absolutely nothing distinct concerning PotPlayer’s dark default style, aside from it’s wonderfully provided (and also re-skinnable, also).
  • Efficiency: PotPlayer sustains: DXA, CUDA, and QuickSync; numerous sorts of 3D glasses with various 3D output styles; HDTV, DVD, as well as TV gadgets; smooth playback of harmed data; as well as even more.
  • Audio choices: PotPlayer supports numerous audio streams; selection of audio card, outcome mode, and layout; output resampling; and also S/PDIF results taken prior to or after AC3 and also DTS handling.
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  • Facet ratio: PotPlayer’s Default aspect proportion setup is Free, which fits the video clip to the window shape, yet in the video clip setups, Fit to Video clip is Recommended. Certainly the Advised setup must be Default (and also the other way around).
  • Fiddly: As we noted above, PotPlayer has a lot of options, several of which may be challenging for unskilled individuals.

Bottom Line

  • If you assumed you ‘d seen it done in free media players, have a look at remarkable Daum PotPlayer 2018.

Daum PotPlayer 2018 Free Download Latest Version

Daum PotPlayer 2018 Download Offline Installer for windows 32 bit and 64 bit

Download 32 bit Download 64 bit

Os: Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10

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